After the cancellation of Disney's Bonkers in late 1993, I felt the show had met an undeserved end. Thus I penned a new set of eight adventures in script format, set after the show's end. Fans of the show liked them, and I was asked if more stories would be forthcoming.

Knowing I was running out of free time thanks to the pressures of university study, I set about to write what I considered would be a fitting last season to the show, Bonkers 1999- a 7-part story arc that culminated in a novel-length series finale.

Here you will find both series, plus some other Bonkers-related work that I have done over time. Here is what's available:

BONKERS: The NEW Adventures

#201: "The Color of Funny"

My first story, started off a hypothetical season 2 of Bonkers. Lucky and Fallapart have joined the FBI, and Bonkers & Miranda get promoted... sort of.

#202: "Wail to the Chief"

The 34th Precinct gets a new member, Captain Eric Skewer. Negaduck takes over the Mafia when Wackytoons decides to cancel the "Darkwing Duck" TV show... and it's up to Bonkers to stop the return of the most formidable criminal organization in Disney history... The FEARSOME FIVE!

#203: "A Tale of Two Toonies"

There's a new vigilante in town, and Sgt. Grating has a new job. Bonkers gets the sack, and in a fit of depression gets sucked into a zany criminal plot to stop Disney's latest show, Gargoyles, from taking off and spelling the end for comedy cartoons. Has toontown's favorite animated cop gone bad for good?

#204: "Plan Whine From Outer Space"

A Halloween "special". The Mad Hatter. Space Aliens. The Bonkers museum. Boris Karloff. Bela Lugosi, Elvis Presley. That's all I'm going to say about this one.

#205: "Morph's the Pity"

Two years ago, Officer Miranda Wright stopped the evil plans of Hollywood financier Lillith DuPrave, sending her to jail... now DuPrave's back, and out for revenge. A surprising twist occurs in the hunt for the toontown vigilante. Can Grating and Bonkers work together to crack the case before it's too late?

#206: "The Best of Both Toons"

He just wanted to make Toontown better for out of work comedic toons. Now, after trying to buy Wackytoons studiom, he's sacrificed his tooniness and become a half-toon, half-robotic creature that sucks the ink out of every toon he meets... and nobody can stop him... not even the Animaniacs! Will Bonkers manage to get out of this one with his spots intact?

#207: "Imp-Possible Journey"

Hundreds of years ago in Agrabah, a firey little imp wreaked havoc in the kingsdom. Aladdin and Genie managed to bottle the beast... but something has survived. Now, years later, an earthquake has loosed this hot little number in downtown L.A. Can Bonkers and Miranda take down their hot-tempered adversary before the city goes up in flames?

#208: "Bonkers Goes Bonkers"

An episode of "Cops" that follows Bonkers and Miranda as they try to stop Flaps the gangland Elephant and Fat Cat from taking over the defunct Wackytoons studio.

BONKERS: 1999!

"Seven Days in the Valley"

#601: "Day 1: Darkwing Forever?"

Darkwing Duck is literally RUBBED OUT by the Syndicate while protecting Fawn Deer. Can Bonkers and his friends from the badly understaffed 34th Precinct stop Negaduck and his cronies from accomplishing their most vile plan yet - The elimination of all the Toons in Hollywood?

#602: "Day 2: Tommorow Never Arrives"

With Fawn Deer fading fast, and International businessman Shere Khan holding the only antidote for her condition, can Secret Agent 00-Bobcat and his trusty associate Wanda Lollipop-- err-- Miranda Wright infiltrate his organization and get the cure before Fat Cat and HIS gang destroys it forever? And while they're at it, can they stop evil Media Baroness Shi Nogoot and and her Siamese cat Blinkers from taking them out all in the name of her Anime Empire?


#603: "Day 3: The Tex Files"

Join Special Agents Lucky M. Piquel and Fallapart Rabbit as they dodge shadowy government conspiracies, evil alien plots and the odd machinations of Flaps the Elephant as they hunt for the mystical pen of legendary cartoon director Tex Avery- the only thing that can save Fawn's life.

#604: "Day 4: Cruel World"

Armed with The Pen, Negaduck has done the unthinkable- fused the members of the Syndicate with those of Fat Cat's gang! Now, he's penciling himself in as the ONLY game in Toontown, trapping Bonkers and pals in a rapidly vanishing Toontown! Can they get out in time to save toondom as we know it?

#605: "Day 5: Sets, Lies & Crime Scene Tape"

After stopping Megaduck (or have they?), our heroes find themselves in a very different Hollywood- a Hollywood where Pinky and the Brain RULE THE AIRWAVES! Unfortunately for everyone, Flaps the Elephant has different ideas about who should rule, and ends up turning Bonkers' whole life into a TV show! Now Lt. Grating and Bonkers are fugitives on the run from their own friends-- can they break out of TV Land before they get busted?

#606: "Day 6: Rent-A-Cop Land"

When Megaduck takes out the cops, Fawn Deer and Jitters A. Dog have to put on the navy blues and help Bonkers stop the dastardly ne'er-dowell once and for all...

#607: "It's a Wonderful Toon"

The story that ends it all. All I'll say is download it for yourself. (In Prose)

Tokyo Bonkers-The Movie

This is my adaptation of my favourite Bonkers episode, with lots of extra bits added and plot points developed/explained. Definitely worth the read if you liked the original episode or if you've never seen it.


A picture I put together over many long weeks, depicting a fictional ad for a Bonkers movie. This was done entirely in Deluxe Paint 2 Enhanced using grabbed footage as a baseline. (sigh) Now that I have mastered Photoshop, it seems so... pathetic. (shrug) Some people still think it's nice.

A Bonkers Quote program for MS-DOS. Displays a random quote taken from the entire series whenever you run it.

A Choose your own adventure game for MS-DOS... very rudimentary, but fun to play once or twice. I may upgrade it someday.